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Noocoon Expert
3 Months
299€ / Month
Kündbar mit einer Frist von 4 Wochen zum Ablauf der Abolaufzeit.
Noocoon Expert
12 Months
249€ / Month
Kündbar mit einer Frist von 4 Wochen zum Ablauf der Abolaufzeit.
Noocoon Expert
24 Months
199€ / Month
Kündbar mit einer Frist von 4 Wochen zum Ablauf der Abolaufzeit.
Customised Tool

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  • Individual service package
  • Premium customer support
  • Selected additional services


  • Smart Home Konfigurator mit Ihrem Logo zur Abwicklung von eigenen Kundenanfragen
  • Automatische Vorkalkulationen auf Basis der Kundenwünsche
  • Kalkulation für Loxone, KNX, Busch-free@home und erweiterte konventionelle Elektroinstallation ohne Mehraufwand vergleichen
  • For new constructions or renovations of single-family houses and apartments
  • Übersichtliche raumweise Planung der Ausstattungsdetails
  • Einfache Planung von Beleuchtung, Beschattung, Heizkreisen, Fernsehen, Multimedia, PV-Anlage, Speicher u.v.m.
  • Nachbearbeitung geplanter Positionen aus der automatischen Vorkalkulation
  • Schnelle Erstellung von Installationsplänen und Export als Raumbuch
  • Catalog changes with customised prices, hourly rates for calculation
  • Export von versandfertigen Angeboten im Word-Format (.docx)
  • Export von Leistungsverzeichnissen ins eigene Warenwirtschaftssystem (als Excel-Tabelle oder im GAEB-Format)
  • Dokumentation des gesamten Projektverlaufs und Verwaltung von Planungsunterlagen
  • Full version for one admin user

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Additional services

1:1 support in project implementation

  • Individual support in the planning of automated buildings and homes
  • Individual support with switchboard construction
  • Professional assembly and delivery of control cabinets
  • KNX and Loxone system programming
  • Connection with new Smart Home clients in your area
  • Qualitative lead generation exclusively for your region
  • Online marketing for your company in your region

Here you can find answers for freqently asked questions:

How can I learn more about the software?

Here you can find an overview of the Noocoon Expert Tools functions.. If you have any questions or would like individual advice, you can also Schedule a demo today!.

Would you like to be informed about new developments at Noocoon? Click here to sign up for our newsletter oder der Noocoon Expert Facebook Gruppe beitreten.

You can find answers to questions about using the software in our Help Center. You can also contact us directly in the Noocoon Expert Tool via the green question mark in the menu.

Where can I get help if I have questions while using the planning software?

If you book the Noocoon Expert Tool, you will have an account manager who will be at your side with advice and assistance if you have any questions or if you want to use additional services. You can also contact us via our Help Center in the software.

What are your payment options?

Currently, payment on account and monthly by direct debit is possible.

Can I switch to a longer term package?

You can switch to a longer term package at any time. You will be refunded for the time remaining in your current package.

How and when can I cancel my contract?

Sie können Ihren Vertrag jeweils mit einer Frist von 4 Wochen zum Ende des Lizenzzeitraumes schriftlich kündigen. Die Laufzeit verlängert sich ohne Kündigung automatisch.

Contact for cancellation by email:
Write to your account manager or to

Via Mail to Sm@rt Home Team GmbH, Maßmannstraße 4, 18057 Rostock, Germany

Information about using Noocoon Expert

Noocoon Expert is a cloud application that is distributed exclusively as a Software as a Service (SaaS) license.

The application is a pure web application that is operated on the servers of an IT service provider in Europe. Communication takes place via HTTPS, with the TLS certificates being issued by Let's Encrypt ( The application is continuously developed. Updates are imported up to several times a day during ongoing operations without any user action. New functions are also distributed in this way.

We send notifications about application events by email via our domain, e.g. as The service provider for sending e-mails and thus the operator of the e-mail server is Mailjet GmbH, based in Berlin. The domain is configured for this according to the Sender Policy Framework (SPF). If outdated or very rigid systems are used for filtering unwanted emails, the domain may have to be added to a whitelist as a trustworthy sender domain.

Requirements for users

  • Up-to-date web browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, which is regularly updated.
  • A screen with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and a pointing device such as a mouse.
  • The application exports files in PDF, CSV and XLSX formats. Programs for viewing and editing these formats are useful.

Where does the name "Noocoon" actually come from?

  • Noo =ancient Greek for "mind, thought, thinking power, understanding, take to heart"
    For example, the noosphere is an area of the earth determined and shaped by the human mind.
  • Coon =Derives from Cocoon, engl. für Kokon
    The word cocooning indicates withdrawing into the protection of your own home and security.

Noocoon stands for a well thought-out, intelligently automated, energy-independent & climate-positive home, in which one feels completely comfortable and secure.

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