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Monthly billing, excl. VAT
Montly rate with annual prepayment, excl. VAT
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Monthly billing, excl. VAT
Montly rate with annual prepayment, excl. VAT
Save 600€ with annual prepayment!
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Planning options

  • Standard installation
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Save valuable planning and consulting time with Noocoon
  • Configurator with your logo for processing customer inquiries, including profitability analysis for PV systems
  • Automatic calculation based on customer requirements
  • For new constructions or renovations of single-family houses and apartments
  • Room-by-room planning of the feature details
  • Easy planning of lighting, shading, heating circuits, television, multimedia, PV system, storage and much more.
  • Post-processing of planned positions from the automatic pre-calculation
  • Fast creation of installation plans and export as a room book
  • Catalog changes with customised prices, hourly rates for calculation
  • Export of offers in word format
  • Export data to your own merchandise management system as Excel, CSV, xi:opd or in GAEB format
  • Documentation of the entire course of the project and management of planning documents
  • Personal customer service
  • 3 user accounts included
  • Constant improvements through regular automatic updates

Answers to frequently asked questions:

How can I learn more about the software?
Here you can find an overview of the Noocoon Expert Tools functions.. If you have any questions or would like individual advice, you can also Schedule a demo today.

Would you like to be informed about new developments at Noocoon? Click here to sign up for our newsletter or join our Noocoon Expert User Group on Facebook .

You can find answers to questions about using the software in our Help Center. You can also contact us directly in the Noocoon Expert Tool via the green question mark in the menu.

Where can I get help if I have questions while using the planning software?
If you book the Noocoon Expert Tool, you will have an account manager who will be at your side with advice and assistance if you have any questions or if you want to use additional services. You can also contact us via our Help Center in the software.

What are your payment options?
We currently offer monthly or annual payment by credit card and direct debit.

How and when can I cancel my contract?
You can terminate your contract in writing with a notice period of 4 weeks to the end of the license period. The term is automatically extended without notice.

Contact for cancellation by email:
Write to your account manager or to

Via Mail to Sm@rt Home Team GmbH, Maßmannstraße 4, 18057 Rostock, Germany

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