Customers enter their project details

Save valuable time in the quotation process: Invite potential customers with a personal link to plan their equipment requirements with the Noocoon Smart Home Configurator. They will then receive an initial cost overview. The project data entered is automatically transferred to your Noocoon Expert account for further consultation, calculation and preparation of an offer.

Calculate comparable offers at the push of a button

Preliminary calculations will be automatically created from the customers planning process. This applies to Loxone, KNX and an extended conventional electrical installation, which enable wired and manufacturer-independent retrofitting of building automation systems.

Select your preferred system or offer your customers alternatives without any additional effort.

Plan independent of manufacturers

The Noocoon Expert Tool relies on branded systems and standard components.
The suggestions are always made independently of the manufacturer and based on the project-specific requirements.

The proposed solution is based on proven applications in projects of our own installation service .



Advanced conventional installation

Plan in detail from power plug to photovoltaic system

Keep an overview through holistic, room-by-room planning, even when numerous equipment requests have to be taken into account.
Lighting, shading, heating circuits, television, multimedia, network, sensors / detectors, and much more is a piece of cake to plan with the Noocoon Expert Tool.

Prepare installation plans within minutes

Ensure transparency on the construction site. Based on your planning, you can create installation plans in just a few steps: mark the rooms in the floor plan. Drag the installations automatically placed by the software to the right place - and that's it!
The plans can be exported including position lists. (More information as PDF)

Prepare installation plans within minutes

Auf der Basis Ihrer Planung erstellen Sie in nur wenigen Schritten Installationspläne für die Baustelle: Im Grundriss die Räume markieren. Die von der Software automatisch platzierten Installationen an die richtige Stelle ziehen – und fertig!
Der Export der Pläne als Raumbuch mit Positionslisten sorgt für Transparenz auf der Baustelle.

Individualize the basis of the offer

Customize the product catalog with your own prices and products. You can also set the hourly rates for smart home work and conventional installation work individually for the calculation.

Versandfertiges Angebot herunterladen

Mit Noocoon Expert erstellen Sie aus der fertigen Planung versandfertige Angebote im Word-Format.

Der Export der Angebotsdaten in eigene Systeme wird ebenfalls unterstützt. Exportieren Sie fertige Leistungsverzeichnisse für die Weiterverarbeitung im eigenen Warenwirtschaftssystem als CSV-Datei oder im GAEB-Format.

Ihre Vorteile

Intuitive and individual

The field-tested Noocoon Expert Tool is easy to use and adaptable to your business.

Keep an overview

The tool enables you to plan and implement even complex projects quickly and easily.

Better Service

Save valuable time by involving your customers from the start. Noocoon Expert facilitates communication and improves your service.

Would you like to know more?

See our software in action.
We are happy to give you a deeper insight into our software with a personal demo.

Additional services

Have a custom switch cabinet delivered

You don't have the capacity for the control cabinet construction and programming? Order the pre-installed control cabinet for your project directly to the construction site.

We support you from the planning to the implementation of your smart home projects.

Get in touch with us.

More Information

You can also find answers to questions about using the Noocoon Expert planning tool in our Help Center.

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