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Dr. Marten von Velsen-Zerweck

Phone: 0381 / 25 27 85 97

What we offer:

  • An exciting and challenging job in an innovative company
  • A lively, team-oriented company culture
  • A cooperative management style with direct and quick decision-making

What we do

Wir entwickeln innovative, praxisorientierte Software-Lösungen für Smart Home Besitzer, das Elektrohandwerk und den Energiesektor. Mit unserem Elektromeisterbetrieb setzen wir seit über 10 Jahren anspruchsvolle Gebäudeautomationsprojekte um.

Our overarching goal is to offer our customers a climate-neutral everyday life by installing the latest technology. Automated control and management of energy generation and consumption is crucial for reducing a building's carbon footprint. Only intelligent distribution to the end consumer (e.g. e-car, light and heating) makes use of the full potential of decentralized renewable energy generation and is a prerequisite for participation in local energy communities - the future of the energy markets.

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