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Dr. Marten von Velsen-Zerweck

Phone: 0381 / 25 27 85 97

What we offer:

  • An exciting and challenging job in an innovative company
  • A lively, team-oriented company culture
  • A cooperative management style with direct and quick decision-making

What we do:

We develop innovative, practical software solutions for smart home owners, the electrical trade and the energy sector. With our master electrician business, we have been implementing sophisticated building automation projects for over 10 years.

Our overarching goal is to offer our customers a climate-neutral everyday life by installing the latest technology. Automated control and management of energy generation and consumption is crucial for reducing a building's carbon footprint. Only intelligent distribution to the end consumer (e.g. e-car, light and heating) makes use of the full potential of decentralized renewable energy generation and is a prerequisite for participation in local energy communities - the future of the energy markets.

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